Department of Morphological Brain Science,
Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

中村 悠


updated on Mar. 14, 2015

中村悠、日置寛之. (2015) ウイルスベクターを用いた遺伝子導入による単一ニューロン標識 [技術講座] 『細胞』 47(4): 48-51. (4月号)
Nakamura H, Hioki H, Furuta T, Kaneko T. (2015) Different Cortical Projections from Three Subdivisions of the Rat Lateral Posterior Thalamic Nucleus: A Single Neuron Tracing Study with Viral Vectors. Eur J Neurosci in press
Ma YF, Hioki H, Konno M, Pan SX, Nakamura H, Nakamura KC, Furuta T, Li J-L, Kaneko T. (2011) Expression of Gap Junction Protein Connexin36 in Multiple Subtypes of GABAergic Neurons in Adult Rat Somatosensory Cortex. Cereb Cortex 21(11):2539-2549 (November 1)
Published online on April 5, 2011. |  PDF |  PMID: 21467210  |  doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhr051
*PhD paper for Dr. Ma YF.
Hioki H, Nakamura H, Ma Y-F, Konno M, Hayakawa T, Nakamura KC, Fujiyama F, Kaneko T. (2009) Vesicular Glutamate Transporter 3-Expressing Nonserotonergic Projection Neurons Constitute a Subregion in the Rat Midbrain Raphe Nuclei. J Comp Neurol 518(5):668-686 (March 1)
Published online on October 13, 2009. |  PMID: 20034056  |  doi: 10.1002/cne.22237
Hioki H, Kameda H, Nakamura H, Okunomiya T, Ohira K, Nakamura Ko, Kuroda M, Furuta T, Kaneko T. (2007) Efficient gene transduction of neurons by lentivirus with enhanced neuron-specific promoters. Gene Ther 14(11):872-82 (June)
Published Online on February 10, 2007. |  PMID: 17361216 |  doi: 10.1038/