Department of Morphological Brain Science,
Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

松田 和郎 (特定講師)
Wakoto MATSUDA, M.D., Ph.D.

updated on Jun 20, 2013
Sonomura T, Furuta T, Nakatani I, Yamamoto Y, Unzai T, Matsuda W, Iwai H, Yamanaka A, Uemura M, Kaneko T. (2013) Correlative analysis of immunoreactivity in confocal laser-scanning microscopy and scanning electron microscopy with focused ion beam milling. Front Neural Circuits 7:26 (Feb); (Epub 2013 Feb 25)
PDF |  PMID: 23443927 |  doi: 10.3389/fncir.2013.00026
松田和郎、薗村貴弘、平井宗一、本多祥子、本間智、古川智之、植村正憲、伊藤正裕、西克治、宇田川潤. (2013) 後交通動脈の臨床解剖学的検討. 臨床解剖研究会記録 13:14-15
Furukawa A, Wingenfeld L, Morita S, Takaya A, Nakagawa T, Sakaguchi I, Matsuda W, Nishi K. (2012) Histochemical and morphological characteristics of the Hassall’s corpuscles. The stress affects involution of the ectopic intra-thyroidal and the normal position thymus and morphological changes of the Hassall’s corpuscles. J Forensic Res 3(9):
松田和郎、古田貴寛、薗村貴弘、大原信司、布施郁子、武内重二、山上達人、金子武嗣、宇田川潤. (2012) 中脳ドパミン系の投射様式:パーキンソン病の発症に関与する神経基盤についての考察. 機能的脳神経外科 51(1):60-66
Honma S, Matsuda W, Kudo M. (2013) Right hepatic artery traveling anteriorly to the common bile duct. Anat Sci Int 88(2):93-96 (Mar)
松田和郎、野崎和彦. (Year) 意識障害 脳科学辞典. (Link)
木村智子、松田和郎、相見良成、瀧公介、本間智、宇田川潤、工藤基. (2012) 理学・作業両方学科の学生に対する効率的人体解剖見学実習. 形態・機能 11(1):24-32
Matsuda W.(2012) Chapter 1: Imaging of dopaminergic neurons and implications for Parkinson’s disease. The systems biology of Parkinson’s disease (Springer US)
松田和郎 (2012) 野外活動における看護の手引き(糺書房). 第1章Ⅱ感染症について p.8-11、第5章Ⅰ罨法 p.42-46
松田和郎、薗村貴弘、平井宗一、本間智、植村正憲、伊藤正裕、宇田川潤. (2012) 特発性頭蓋内圧亢進症の1例:静脈洞交会の分岐様式から病態を考察する. 臨床解剖研究会記録 1258-59
松田和郎、大原信司、布施郁子、真屋キヨミ、笠井祥子、野崎和彦、山上逹人、武内重二. (2011) パーキンソン病に対する深部脳刺激術後ADL改善度の中長期成績. 機能的脳神経外科 50(1):78-79
松田和郎、安原治、相見良成、瀧公介、本間智、薗村貴弘、工藤基. (2011) 人体解剖学実習における客観的評価法「フラッグ型試問」導入の試み. 滋賀医大雑誌 24(1):26-32 (Month)
Matsuda W, Enomoto T, Iguchi M, Matsumura A. (2011) Epileptic apnea in a holoprosencephaly. Current Trends in Neurology 4:45-49
PMID:  |  doi:
Fujiyama F, Sohn J, Nakano T, Furuta T, Nakamura KC, Matsuda W, Kaneko T (2011) Exclusive and common targets of neostriatofugal projections of rat striosome neurons: A single neuron-tracing study using a viral vector. Eur J Neurosci 33(4):668-77 (Feb)
松田和郎、薗村貴弘、植村正憲、安原治. (2011) 解剖実習脳におけるWillis動脈輪・椎骨脳底動脈系の変異および未破裂脳動脈瘤の発生頻度について:予備調査報告. 臨床解剖研究会記録 11:44-45
布施郁子、大原信司、松田和郎、箕輪哲也、山上達人、笠井祥子、武内重二、中野博美、久野貞子. (2010) 当院における9年間の深部脳刺激手術経験と特筆すべき症例についての報告. 機能的脳神経外科 49(1):76-77
松田和郎、大原信司、布施郁子、武内重二、野崎和彦、安原治. (2010) 定位脳手術における周術期頭蓋内出血合併症例の局所解剖学的検討. 機能的脳神経外科 49(1):104-105
松田和郎. (2010) 意識とは何か:意識障害治療と神経解剖学研究の現場から. 人体科学 18(1):21-35
Matsuda W, Akutsu H, Noguchi S, Tsunoda T, Sasaki M, Matsumura A (2010) Apparently asymptomatic arachnoid cyst: postoperative improvement of subtle neuropsychological impediment. Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo) 50(5):430-433
PMID: 20505306 |  doi: 10.2176/nmc.50.430
Patrik W. Tank/新井良八 監訳. (2010) グラント解剖学実習 西村書店(分担訳 第1章背部、第7章頭頚部)
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Matsuda W, Furuta T, Nakamura KC, Hioki H, Fujiyama F, Arai R, Kaneko T. (2009) Single nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons form widely spread and highly dense axonal arborizations in the neostriatum. J Neurosci 29(2):444-53 (January 14).
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PDF |  PMID: 19144844 |  doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4029-08.2009
大原信司、松田和郎、武内重二. (2008) 視床下核およびその周辺の電気刺激により惹起される眼球運動障害の検討. 機能的脳神経外科 47(2):154-158
Matsuda W, Sugimoto K, Sato N, Takashi W, Fujimoto A, Matsumura A. (2008) Delayed onset of post-traumatic acute subdural hematoma following mild head injury with normal computed tomography: a case report and brief review. J Trauma 65(2):461-3.
PMID: 18288015
Kameda H, Furuta T, Matsuda W, Ohira K, Nakamura K, Hioki H, Kaneko T. (2008) Targeting green fluorescent protein to dendritic membrane in central neurons. Neurosci Res 61(1):79-91 (May)
*H. Kameda and T. Furuta contributed equally to this work.
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*This article was the most read article in the journal (April–June, 2008).
Published online on Feb 6. |  PDF |  PMID: 18342383 |  doi: 10.1016/j.neures.2008.01.014
Tsuboi K, Matsuda W, Nakamura K, Takano S, Matsumura A. (2006) Excision of juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma of the midbrain after radiotherapy. Pediatr Neurosurg 42(5):311-315
PMID: 16902345
Matsuda W, Komatsu Y, Yanaka K, Matsumura A. (2005) Levodopa treatment for patients in persistent vegetative or minimally conscious states. Neuropsychol Rehabil. 15(3-4): 414-427.
PMID: 16350982
Matsuda W, Komatsu Y, Yanaka K, Matsumura A. (2004) Levodopa treatment for patients in post-traumatic persistent vegetative state. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Meeting of the Society for Treatment of Coma (Society for Treatment of Coma編 NEURON Publ.Co., Tokyo) 13:17-28
Hioki, H., Fujiyama, F., Nakamura, K., Wu, S.-X., Matsuda, W., Kaneko, T. (2004) Chemically specific circuit composed by vesicular glutamate transporter 3- and preprotachykinin B-producing interneurons in the rat neocortex. Cereb. Cortex 14(11): 1266-1275. (November)
Published Online on May 13.   PDF |  PMID: 15142960
Matsuda W, Komatsu Y, Yanaka K, Matsumura A. (2004) Persistent vegetative state after severe head injury: we should not generalize. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry electronic letter (June 17)
Free full text available at the jounal's site.
Matsuda W, Matsumura A, Komatsu Y, Yanaka K, and Nose T. (2004) Awakenings from persistent vegetative state. The Review Series: Neurology in the Nordic countries Issue 1: 8-10.
Matsuda W, Matsumura A, Komatsu Y, Yanaka K. (2004) Parkinsonism and persistent vegetative state after head injury. (Authors' reply to corresponding letter) J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 75(7): 1082-1083. (July)
Free full text available at the jounal's site. .   PMID: 15201392
宮本伸哉、松田和郎、角田孝、佐々木司、板橋正幸. (2004) 多発性頭蓋外転移により低血糖発作を併発したMeningeal Hemangiopericytomaの1例. 脳神経外科 32(4):367-372
Matsuda W, Matsumura A, Komatsu Y, Yanaka K, Nose T. (2003) Awakenings from persistent vegetative state: report of three cases with parkinsonism and brain stem lesions on MRI. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 74(11): 1571-1573. (November)
Free full text available at the jounal's site. .   PMID: 14617720
松田 和郎、野口 昭三、角田 孝、佐々木 司 (2001年) 当院における最近の片頭痛・群発頭痛治療 - スマトリプタンの使用経験 - 茨城県立病院医学雑誌 19(2): 95-99. 
Sakakibara Y, Matsuda K(W), Sato F, Matsuzaki K, Jikuya T, Mitsui T. (1999) Aortic dissection complicating cardiac surgery in a patiente with calcified ascending aorta. Jpn Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 47(12):625-628 (Dec)
PMID: 10658382 | 
Matsuda W, Sugimoto K, Sato N, Watanabe T, Hattori A, Matsumura A, Nose T. (2000) A case of cardiogenic cerebral embolism with successful recanalization: apparent diffusion coefficient analysis for prediction of reversible cerebral ischemia No To Shinkei. 52(3): 243-248. (March)
PMID: 10769845
Watanabe T, Sugimoto K, Sato N, Matsuda W, Hattori A, Yanaka K, Matsumura A, Nose T. (2000) Clinical usefulness of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease. No To Shinkei. 52(2): 157-161. (February)
PMID: 10723755
松田 和郎、野口 昭三、吉川 廣和、谷中 清之、能勢 忠男 (2000年) 主幹脳動脈閉塞症に対する超急性期血栓溶解療法の経験 埼玉県医学会雑誌 35(1): 113-116. 
松田和郎、野口昭三、谷中清之、能勢忠男. (2000年) Guillain-Barre症候群の治療経験. 北葛北部医師会報 32:30-33
Matsuda W, Sugimoto K, Sato N, Watanabe T, Yanaka K, Matsumura A, Nose T. (1999) A case of primary brain-stem injury recovered from persistent vegetative state after L-dopa administration. No To Shinkei. 51(12): 1071-1074. (December)
PMID: 10654305
松田和郎、杉本耕一、佐藤直昭、渡辺尚志、谷中清之、松村明、能勢忠男. (1999年) Thyrotropin releasing hormone tartrate (TRH-T)の投与によって意識障害が改善したびまん性軸索損傷の小児例. 診療と新薬 36(5):377-382
Matsuda W, Matsumura A, Enomoto T, Nose T, Suga A, Miyabe M, Toyooka H. (1999) Ketamine infusion therapy for refractory neuralgia in spinal disease: report of two cases. No Shinkei Geka. 27(2): 195-200. (February)
PMID: 10065454
Matsuda W, Matsumura A, Takano S, Hori M, Komeno T, Nagasawa T, Shimoyamada H, Noguchi M (1998) Spinal epidural malignant lymphoma as diagnosed with gene rearrangement analysis: Report of a case. No Shinkei Geka Sokuho. 8(11): 879-884. (November)

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